Batida – Ta Doce

Capicua – Barulho

Capicua – Mão Pesada

Capicua – Medusa

Capicua – Medo do Medo

Carbon – Going For Good

Diana Martinez & Black Mamba – Put Your Love In Me

Diron Animal – Love Family

Flak – Manto Branco

First Breath After Coma – Salty Eyes

Glockenwise – Leeches

Glockenwise – Up To You

Gonçalo – Lorosae

Jonny Abbey – White

Lazy Faithful – There Was a Light

Lemon Lovers – The 55

Lemon Lovers – No Shoes

Linda Martini – Unicórnio de Sta. Engrácia

Lululemon – Blonde Weather

Norton – Brava

Nuno Prata – Andando Sobre as Aguas

Marta Ren – Worth It

Meera – Little Of Your Time

Mirror People – Crime Scene

Mirror People – Good Times

Papercutz – Rivers

Peixe:Avião – Quebra

Peixe:Avião – Miragem

Rui Maia – Everything Is Changing

Siraiva – Sou Tão Fácil

The Last Internationale – Mind Ain’t Free

The Weatherman – Calling All Monkeys

The Weatherman – Cat

The Weatherman – Fab

The Weatherman – Proper Goodbye

The Weatherman – Valentina

Throes + The Shine – Batida

We Trust – Future

We Trust – Silent Song

White Haus – All I Ever Wanted

White Haus – Far From Everything

White Haus – Frenchie

White Haus – How I Feel

White Haus – No Mistakes

White Haus – The Greatest Hits

White Haus – This Is Heaven


Baile das Bicycletas




Dia 98.6

GAIA Todo Um Mundo


Espinho – Cartografia duma Cidade

Eu Sou de Cá

Future Places 2011

Mewġa Mużika

Operação Big Bang

Operação Oliveira

Porto Verde

São João Baloeiro




Vasco Mendes was born in Oporto in 1987. He started his video making career shooting and editing concerts and his relationship with music, rhythm, and editing began to grow. Since his first short film, his work crosses music, rhythm, architecture, and cinema. Vasco also produces documentaries, where the main theme is music, the city, and the people. It has several documentaries in which music plays an important role as unifying element of people, communities, religions, professional and non-professional musicians. Vasco has been filming from Berlin to Hong Kong, New York to London, Los Angeles to Shanghai and aims to create films all over the world.